Depending upon your discipline within cycling, certain physiological tests are more useful than others. Our testing services are designed to proved each athlete with specific data that can be applied to their specific discipline or physiological target.

HPTek’s testing services provide an individual or coach the necessary information to guide training and racing.


Athlete profile


The Athlete Profile includes; body composition (skin folds), power and heart rate based training zones and power-duration targets; VO2 max estimates; comparative performance rankings; standardised warm up protocol; confirmation of power meter accuracy.


lactate profile


Lactate Profiling accurately determines an athletes Aerobic (LT1) and Anaerobic Threshold (LT2). This testing is targeted at athletes who require the accurate determination of steady state power output. This testing is best performed on the specific equipment and position  (ie. TT  bike) for which it is to be applied. This testing method provides information specific to Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and pacing strategies for endurance events.


power profile


The Power Profile test is based on a protocol developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). The protocol consists of a variety of efforts of varying duration to test the athletes performance across a range of energy systems. As a single test the protocol is able to provide an estimation of an athletes FTP and VO2max power. However the test is typically used to measure performance across time to monitor improvement.