Our testing processes (athlete profiling) are validated by scientific literature and are strategically used to quantify an individual’s physiological characteristics, identifying conditions and disciplines in which an athlete is likely to excel, and areas where improvement may be sought. Test results provide an athlete or coach with the appropriate information to evaluate performance, quantify exercise intensity and monitor training load.

Our coaching service starts with athlete profiling, and is modelled around the provision of a periodised training program specific to an athlete’s goals and objectives. Our programs involve a range of strategies proven enhance performance, including cycling specific aerobic and anaerobic training, gym-based strength and conditioning, as well as periodised diet and ergogenic interventions.

HPTek offers physiological testing and performance coaching services. Through our industry partners we provide equipment solutions that afford accurate and reliable monitoring of performance.




Are you an athlete or coach looking to quantify current fitness, define training zones, or identify limiters to performance?



Are you looking to optimise performance through a comprehensive training program tailored to your specific needs?



Are you looking for an accurate and reliable powermeter to ensure the quality of the data you are collecting?