Performance Coaching

Our coaching process begins with identifying the specific needs of the athlete, preliminary testing and athlete profiling. Performance coaching focuses on a cycle of programming, implementation and evaluation of short- to long-term objectives.

We utilise TrainingPeaks to provide a portal for athlete-coach interaction. The TrainingPeaks platform enables the dynamic implementation of a training program, which is accessible via web or mobile device. TrainingPeaks software is used to plan, track, and analyse the training of each athlete.

We offer one coaching service, with the same level of attention and detail provided to all athletes at the appropriate period of programming. As the amount of contact varies seasonally, we do not limit you to one phone call or email per week. We understand that your needs are dynamic.

HPTek’s performance coaching service offers an individualised, analytical approach to improving performance.


* Recommended service limit.
** Adaptive Plan allows the athlete to put their coaching on hold for a period of time, where participation is heavily limited. The no-service/no-fee period is available for up to 3 months. After this period a start-up fee is required to re-establish baseline data.