About Us



As sports scientists we understand the physiological mechanisms that underpin performance and drive adaptation. We understand the technical nature of cycling and how to apply the methods for improvement.


As competitive cyclists we ride, we race, we train. We understand the combination of elements that contribute to success within the sport.

Driven by a passion for sports science and a love for cycling, at HPTek we combine the two. The services we provide come from our educated background and our knowledge of the sport.



DR Stephen Lane

Director / Sports Scientist
PhD (Bio-Medical Sciences)
B. App Science (Human Movement, Hons)

Inspired by how the human body adapts to exercise training and intrigued by the mechanisms behind it, Stephen holds a PhD in Biomedical Science (RMIT University). Stephen completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor John Hawley, one of the most well renowned researchers in the area of exercise nutrition and metabolism.

Stephen’s PhD research focus was the manipulation of carbohydrate availability and the effect on training adaptation and performance. As part of his research Stephen spent time at the Australian Institute of Sport, investigating nutritional interventions on cycling time trial performance. This research was used in the development of strategies used by the National team at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

A keen endurance cyclist, Stephen holds a number of Masters State time trial and road titles. He has a particular interest in educating athletes about ways to optimise performance. In a systematic approach to training adaptations, he incorporates a range of strategies including physiologically based training programs, nutritional and ergogenic interventions to support training adaptation and performance.


Stephen has turned this passion for optimising sports performance into Human Performance Technology (HPTek). HPTek is devoted to the application of sports science across all disciplines of endurance cycling.